Monster Quake: Japan

Monster Quake: Japan


A rogue monster-quake and tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11, 2011 is sending shock waves around the world. The quake was 15-times bigger than scientists had said was possible, revealing a serious flaw in theories about the world’s most dangerous natural disaster.

The timing could not be worse. North America is overdue for its own Monsterquake. Since 2004, a series of rare super-quakes, has been sweeping the Pacific Rim. Now, the only continent that has not yet been hit, is North America – leaving many to wonder: Are we next? If so, are we ready? 

”Monster Quake: Are We Next?”, uncovers startling clues that show a giant quake off our west coast is imminent, and could be much worse than anyone has previously predicted. A new discovery shows that the big one off Vancouver Island, could be the trigger for the next big quake expected on California’s San Andreas Fault.

Using never-before-seen footage of the Tsunami washing ashore in Japan, Monsterquake, reveals startling facts about how little the world really knows about these extremely destructive disasters.