The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

TV Series

Off the couch and into the trenches!
Intense training and dietary counter attacks target every
woman’s dream of losing those dreaded last ten pounds. Tommy Europe, pro athlete turned celebrity trainer, returns as the no-nonsense drill sergeant in the third season of The Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp on SLICE.

This entertaining and inspirational television series propels people through an intense fitness and nutrition regimen that dramatically resizes them in record time. Motivated by a special event (an upcoming wedding, anniversary, vacation,or reunion) participants strive to transform themselves physically and mentally in just four weeks. Their mission: to lose weight. Their target: to fit into a sexy new outfit.

While thousands of people are obese, a far larger number of women simply want to slim down and tighten up to fit into that slinky party dress, a pair of skinny jeans or even last year’s bathing suit. But the toughest part of achieving your ideal body form – and the ultimate challenge – is getting rid of those nagging last ten pounds.

The irreverent and fast-paced series is driven by two dynamic and unforgiving personalities: the bootcamp Dream Team. Tommy Europe is the country’s most sought-after personal trainer whose modus operandi is a military-style in-your-face approach. A thrilling combination of scary and sexy, he is the Drill
Instructor who’s everyone’s best friend and worst enemy. Tommy’s partner is hard-body Nadeen Boman, the take-no-prisoners Nutrition Coach. Nadeen ransacks the fridge and cupboards, trashes the sugar and fat, and completely overhauls the participant’s nutrition and lifestyle with shock and awe.

Each episode is highlighted by a dramatic transformation of the participant, meaningful takeaway information and a heart-stopping, soul-testing, character building climax. The participant is forced to dig deep to find the kind of nerve that will push her to victory, and overcome the psychological barriers that stand in the way of making a permanent lifestyle change.

Irreverent, informative and inspirational, The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp is a half-hour of provocative television that could change your life forever.